Dawn of a New Era
Jarek Chrostowski
Considered as the most technically versatile player in the history of the game, he impresses with the elegant style and fluidity of movements, surprises with the power and angles of strokes. The winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments, number one in the world singles ranking at the record age of 36! The closer to the end of the career of Roger Federer, the more voices are rising that for a long time we will not see such a complete and technically perfect tennis player. I am of the exact opposite opinion. Federer is not a unique phenomenon that crowns the splendor of the era. He is just the herald of a new one.

Inertial Chalice Grip
The Easiest Way to Better Serve
Jarek Chrostowski
In tennis, the serve is a critical stroke, of key importance for the course of any match. However, the serve is only a real weapon when it is powerful, regular and fully controlled. None of these features can be achieved if a tennis player does not master a precise and repeatable ball toss.

Wind of Change
Jarek Chrostowski
When we look at the techniques of today's tennis players, everyone seems to play according to well-known precepts. The perfect picture of modern knowledge is disturbed by Roger Federer. The uniqueness of the Swiss tennis master is commonly 'explained' by his exceptional talent. However, there is another, more interesting, possibility. Federer does not have to be a freak of the gods. He may simply be the harbinger of a coming, yet invisible, revolution that is still hidden behind apparently insignificant symptoms.

Inertial Tennis
A Brief Introduction
Jarek Chrostowski
In the history of tennis, inertial tennis is the first complete, internally coherent set of techniques of movement and strokes, created from scratch on solid scientific foundations. Each element of inertial techniques has been designed for the most optimal use of the fundamental properties of physical reality within the biomechanical framework of the human body. The core of the inertial techniques is embedded in the inertia (both physical and biomechanical in nature).