We have to talk 27 January 2022
Today marks the seventh anniversary of the day when inertial tennis was transformed from a hypothesis into physical reality.

We need to talk. Honestly.

The Evolution of Inertial Tennis 29 May 2020
FRIDAY, 22:28
Two tales in one video: the history of inertial tennis and the visualization of the power of real scientific knowledge. You can watch "Inertial Tennis: The Evolution" here. You will probably be surprised by the type of exercises that allowed me to make such radical changes in my habits.

This video was finished two years ago. I did not present it due to the lack of interest in inertial techniques. Now, to be honest, I do not care anymore. It makes no sense to fight against inertia of the tennis world. We have to wait. 2 years? 5? 10? Maybe longer? Who knows?

This is Inertial Tennis 26 July 2019
FRIDAY, 15:52
The first complete presentation of inertial techniques is online. You can watch the video on the IT YouTube channel:

"This is Inertial Tennis"

All shots were recorded in 2017/2018, less than four years after the first successful execution of the inertial topspin backhand.

Today's uniqueness for tomorrow's many of us 10 July 2019
In modern tennis, the best players emerge as a result of multiple selections. This process is blind. What is worse, it does not improve the technical level of the entire population, it just removes the majority of players and exposes individuals with unique skills. Do we have any choice? Read the article "Dawn of a New Era" to discover, why Roger Federer is more exceptional than you think - and less unique at the same time.

Inertial chalice grip 28 June 2019
FRIDAY, 16:14
The first technical article about inertial tennis is online. Do not expect a revolution - it describes a small (but useful) detail of the serving sequence. After reading the article, you should have a better idea about the inertial approach to tennis techniques. Enjoy the reading: "Inertial Chalice Grip".

Stable core of modern tennis? 17 May 2019
FRIDAY, 16:12
Many qualitatively new ideas were born when people began to look closely at the foundations of their current knowledge. Inertial tennis was created in identical circumstances. So, is a scientific core of modern tennis as stable as people think? Find an answer in the article "Wind of Change" in Resources. Enjoy it - and start asking your own questions.

Anniversary 27 Jan 2019
SUNDAY, 21:51
Four years of small - but so important! - steps.


It's time for a bigger step, don't you think?
Updated video 2 Nov 2018
FRIDAY, 16:08
The video comparing the inertial forehand and Roger Federer forehand has been updated. Please check the modified links in the previous post.
Inertial vs Federer 16 October 2018
TUESDAY, 01:36
Are there any significant differences between the inertial forehand and the most famous stroke of modern tennis, the Roger Federer forehand? Check it out for yourselves here.
Table of contents 8 August 2018
The foundations of inertial tennis will be presented in the extensive book "Inertial Tennis: The Sources of Internal Power". The book will probably be published as a crowdfunded project and should be available at the beginning of 2019. Its table of contents you can find here.
They told you... 16 July 2018
MONDAY, 11:53
Is it possible to radically change your tennis techniques? Can a self-taught amateur use more optimal techniques than professional tennis players? Are you able to rebuild your tennis when you are 40+ or 50+? Check the short movie here to find the answers. Tennis partner in final sequences: Marek Slojewski.
Second movie about IT is online! 21 June 2018
Anyone can say: 'I know a new revolutionary tennis method'. Usually, there is nothing behind these words. Inertial tennis is not a 'method'. It is a very rational consequence of the laws of nature and the properties of the human body. The unique direction of evolution of inertial tennis - from the theory to the specific set of techniques - was documented by the author throughout the entire process of learning. Now, you can watch the transition from amateur tennis to inertial tennis on IT video channels.

No gods, no natural talents, no expensive coaches. Just knowledge, stubbornness and hard work.

Please watch "The Transition" here.
When you are not perfect 18 June 2018
MONDAY, 20:27
This 2017 movie shows a player who is just getting used to the requirements of inertial tennis. He knows what to do, but he does not do what he knows. Two short free-hitting sessions, two points of view, maybe two technically good inertial strokes... Check IT video channels to discover the prose of tennis life YouTube.
Inertial groundstrokes 16 June 2018
How do inertial groundstrokes look like during recreational hitting, when you have time to prepare for every stroke? Find the answer here: YouTube.
IT seminar at the Polish Academy of Sciences 25 May 2018
FRIDAY, 01:25
For the first time, main physical and biomechanical ideas behind inertial tennis were presented to the scientific community, during a seminar held on May 10, at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS (Cracow, Poland), the largest research institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Institute is of A+ category (leading level in Poland) in the field of sciences and engineering. It also has great tennis traditions - tennis courts here have been in operation for almost half a century.

In short: it was an amazing experience to speak to such an outstanding group of physicists. You can watch the excerpts from the seminar here (English captions are now available).
First inertial tennis movie is online! 11 May 2018
FRIDAY, 13:08
The first movie about inertial tennis is online. It compares techniques of inertial tennis with techniques of the best current and former professional ATP and WTA players. Please check IT video channels.

The movie will be updated regularly. Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow for modifications.
IT slightly less unknown 25 Mar 2018
SUNDAY, 20:33
On March 24, main physical ideas behind inertial tennis were presented to Mr. Alberto Castellani, president of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association. Our brief conversation took place at the Angie Kerber Academy in Puszczykowo near Poznan.
Soon: Movies about IT! 11 Mar 2018
MONDAY, 13:08
In a few weeks four movies about inertial tennis will be presented online. The movie 'Inertial Tennis' is an introduction and will present inertial techniques in action. 'Against the Best' will compare inertial tennis techniques with techniques of modern tennis, The Evolution will show the author's way to inertial tennis while the movie 'The Transition' will allow you to compare changes in the author's techniques over the last years to prove that it is never too late to learn inertial tennis. Please check all galleries below (use arrows to find earlier galleries).
First article 3 Mar 2018
Main ideas behind inertial tennis are described in the first article in the About IT section.
Birthday! 27 Jan 2018
TUESDAY, 16:06
Almost two years after the birth of the inertial theory of tennis, on January 27th 2015, an inertial topspin backhand was performed for the first time. This technique was the first stroke created solely on the basis of the new theory and was never executed before by anyone. For this reason, this date can be treated as the real birth day of inertial tennis. Happy third anniversary, inertial tennis :)
Working on movies 10 Jan 2018
Several shots from the on-court sessions for upcoming movies about inertial tennis have been uploaded to the Gallery section below. Enjoy!
"First light" of inertial tennis 17 Dec 2017
SUNDAY, 17:07
For the first time, a group of world-class coaches and biomechanists was informed about the existence of inertial tennis.
Shy beginning of the website 10 Dec 2017
SUNDAY, 09:49
A temporary version of the website is online. More improvements will be implemented in a few weeks.